15 | 07 | 2020

Welcome to my weather site.

I live in a small village called Herston on the island of South Ronaldsay in Orkney.  We're around 58.5 degrees north, just off of the north east tip of Scotland with the North Atlantic on the west and the North Sea on the east which leads to some interesting weather at times.  Our climate is temperate - we don't get the extreme cold of the Scottish glens and any snow that does settle is likely to clear in a day or two.  On our summer solstice, the sun barely dips below the horizon and we get long light days as a consequence.  In the winter, the opposite applies and our short days can be a bit of a trial.  Winter can bring storms and high winds and a lack of trees and other natural windbreaks mean that we feel the full force of these although we seldom see any serious damage - they build to last here.

Not surprisingly the weather affects our day to day lives and folk here take a keen interest in conditions. 

About my station

I have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless weather station with the rain gauge, temperature, solar radiation and humidity sensor unit mounted roughly one metre above ground level on a fence post securely driven into the ground.  The anemometer and vane are mounted on a sectional pole bolted to a strainer post and are five metres above ground level.  A home made UV sensor has recently been added to the system. Sensors directly measure the following:

Wind speed
Wind direction
Solar Radiation
UV Index

Other readings are derived directly from these by the station software.

The site data is managed by Cumulus weather station software and is updated on this site at 10 minute intervals.

The weather station is located  at Latitude 58°48'29.0"N Longitude 3°00'06.5"W

Additional pages display data from Cameron Beccario's Earth Wind Map, Open Weather's forecast map and San Francisco State University's Jet Stream data.